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‘Radiant’ emerges out of second livestream

As we started 2020, founded a new tradition. Every sunday, we will be streaming live on Twitch in an all-day beat creating session. This january is entirely dedicated to techno and from this weeks session, the second one already, Serano crafted an earthshattering dark techno beat filled with hall kicks, retro inspired distorted leads and a straight in your face groove.

As with all tracks on the livestream, we start from scratch and start building up tracks from the inspiration at hand. None of these tracks are entirely finished or polished, nor should they be at this point. The goal is to establish an idea, a vibe, a groove. Later, these tracks can, and most probably will be revisited and sculpted into fully arranged techno bangers.

In the meantime, enjoy ‘Radiant’ in the Livestream Demo Edit and join us next sunday at 10:00 am. CET on Twitch!