Operation Lockdown

Take care of yourself, and eachother!

Jerry Springer

I never thought I would find a way to fit in a quote of Jerry Springer. But it’s the most accurate and appropriate quote that came to me. Fitting perfectly during these difficult times that we are going through. The COVID19 crisis that has spread around the globe is having an impact that’s never been seen before in our lifetime.

Unlike we are used to, we need to distance ourselves from one another and stay inside. Prisoners in our own world, condemned to isolation. So the best way we can advise you to go about it, is by being creative.

The extra time that became available, we’ve been using entirely on our music. From new upcoming tutorials and courses, to daily tracks which we are sharing with you guys on our ‘Lockdown Sessions’ playlist on Soundcloud! Give us follow and a like if you haven’t already

Also we are going to be getting back to our streaming sessions, since our studio just got finished in time before this mayhem happened.

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