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Distorted Kicks Volume 1 out now!

It has been a few long weeks. After getting lucky on scoring an original Roland 909, we started recording a whole bunch of samples and after processing them, both digital and analog, we finalized these 50 amazing groundstompers. All in 48kHz and 24 bit lossless audiofiles.

They will most certainly stand their ground in any tek genre you put them at, but they scope way beyond that. Most will work straight out of the box in any scenario, others will need to be adjusted and tailored to taste once you go experimenting other genres. Fun times none the less with these heavy charged kicks.

Below you can find a short Demo track demonstrating several kicks from the pack. To listen to all samples individually, head over to our Sonoiz release page where you can preview them before buying. You can also buy individual samples from the pack on Sonoiz

Alternatively you can buy the entire pack at once via the webshop on

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